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Live Shows

January 2023

Tuesday, January 10th
Guitar Masters Series 
Jocelyn Gould/Guitar
Allison Au/alto sax
Lauren Falls/bass
8-10pm  Cover Charge $15
Wednesday, January11th
Welcome Soleil    8-10pm
Thursday, January 12th
Four . 30 Quartet
Steven Cole/Guitar
Peter Telford/Bass
Ben Ball/Drums
Jeff King/Sax    8-10pm
Cover Charge $15
Friday, January 13th
Don Naduriak Quintet
Alexander Brown/Trumpet
Alex Dean/Saxophone
Roberto Riveron/Bass
Joaquin Nunez Hidalgo/Drums
Don Naduriak - Keyboard/Compositions
Two Sets 8:30 & 10pm                           Cover Charge $15
Saturday, January 14th
Michel Trio
Eric St-Laurent & Calvin Beale
Afro - Latin Jazz/Pop
8-10pm  Cover Charge $15
Sunday, January 15th
Ross Kindler Trio
Jordan O'Connor/Bass
Rob Thaler/Keys
Ross Kindler/Vocals
5-7pm  Cover Charge $15

Tuesday, January 17th
Guitar Masters Series
Ben Bishop/Guitar
Jon Meyer/Bass
Morgan Childs/Drums
8-10pm  Cover Charge $15
Wednesday, January 18th
Alex Manoakas Quartet  8-10pm
Thursday, Janurary 19th & 20th
Two Night Jazz
Rob Christian Organ Trio
Rob Christian - Sax/Fl
Alan Zemaitis/Organ
8-10pm  Cover Charge $15
Saturday, January 21st
Jazz & Ethio Jazz
Daniel Barne/Drums
Brodie West/Sax
Stacy McGregor/Keys
Marc Zubek/Bass
8-10pm  Cover Charge $15
Sunday, January 22nd
Fuat Tuac featuring
Kevin Turcotte - Trumpet
Eric St-Laurent - Guitar
Jordan O'Connor - Double Bass
Fuat Tuac - Vocals
Cover Charge $15   4:30pm
Tuesday, January 24th
Guitar Masters Series
Harley Card/Guitar
Dan Fortan/Bass     8-10pm
Cover Charge $15
Thursday, January 26th
Steve Koven Trio  8-10pm
Cover Charge $15
Friday, January 27th
Hirut Hoot Comedy  9-11pm
Cover Charge $10
Saturday, January 28th
Fergus Hambleton Wood & Water  8-10pm
Cover Charge $15
Sunday, January 29th
Sip & Paint Party
Tuesday, January 31st
Guitar Masters Series
David Occhipinti/Guitar
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