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2050 Danforth Avenue

Toronto, Ontario, Canada


Open Tuesday - Sunday from 5pm.

Dear Friends and Customers:


It's been almost four months since we had to close the doors at Hirut. We miss you! We hope you have kept well over the lockdown, and had some precious time to spend with your families. 


We want to update you on what is happening at Hirut.


Although Toronto has now moved into Stage 2 of the Ontario reopening, arts, entertainment and music venues remain closed. As much as we love serving our Ethiopian cuisine and extending our hospitality, we are choosing to stay closed to protect our family and our customers. 


Hirut Cafe and Restaurant is at its core an arts and music venue. Our hearts remain with the many gifted musicians, comedians, writers and poets who have graced our stage. It is this community that enlivens our space. Their talent feeds us like food.


We stand with the Canadian Independent Venue Coalition of Canada and hope that the government will see the value of what indie venues provide. 


We are doing okay. It has been hard not to see and hear the music and laughter in our space. I've been doing some home improvements to the restaurant (don't laugh). Hirut is keeping busy with yoga and helping others. My sons are doing well, but miss their usual activities.


On behalf of Hirut and the kids, I want to thank you for all your support over the years. We are hanging on, and will see what the future brings. 


In the meantime, to get your Hirut fix, please check out our YouTube channel to experience is magic that is the Hirut stage. Remember to support the musicians, comedians, writers, and poets who continue to inspire us. We will also post some videos from Hirut Hoot host and producer Kevin MacDonald in the coming weeks. 


Happy Canada Day, stay healthy, enjoy the summer, and we will be in touch soon.




Hirut Cafe and Restaurant is the home of delicious and nutritious Ethiopian cuisine. We use the finest and freshest ingredients to create flavourful dishes to satisfy and delight your taste buds. Our kitchen team is dedicated to culinary excellence and our goal is to ensure that you experience the best in Ethiopian food and hospitality. We keep our menu simple at Hirut so we can focus on making wholesome food with love. Please see our list of vegetarian and non-vegetarian options. Be prepared to eat with your hands! 


Hirut, Tibebe and their family extend a warm invitation to you to enjoy a great meal.


Come listen to established and emerging musicians create beautiful vibes on the Hirut stage. We feature monthly jazz residencies with some of Canada's most notable musical acts such as Don Naduriak, Daniel  Barnes, the Eucalyptus Collective  and many more. As a hub for Ethio-Jazz, Girma Woldmichael and many other jazz greats drop in for jam sessions. We also host musical collectives such as the Fingerstyle Guitar Association and community singalong groups.


For reservations call:416-551-7560

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